Tejji Keyword Tool

Tejji Keyword Tool: Keyword suggestions from Goole, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Apple, works similar to Ubersuggest

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Tejji Keyword Tool is a simple keyword suggestion tool similar to KeywordTool.io, Ubersuggest and a bunch of tools that work the same way. It provides the list of keyword suggestions in alphabetical and numerical order, and you can navigate the list by letters and numbers.

However, there are differencies: 1) it scrapes not only Google, but also Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Apple 2) It spits more keywords that KeywordTool and Ubersuggest 3) You copy results (“Copy All” button) instead downloading a file, which is more handy.

I popped up one and the same seed keyword into the bunch of similar free “find-long-tail-suggestions-via-autocomplete” tools to compare them by number of suggestions and experience. Here is the result: