Varvy: A set of easy modern on-page SEO audit tools and Google guidelines

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Varvy is an awesome modern simple toolbox to make sure your website complies with Google guidelines and best SEO practices. Varvy web performance tools are split into 3 subsets: SEO, Speed, Mobile. Just enter your URL into one of the Varvy tools and get a bunch of helpful insights (like accessibility, security, pagespeed, sitemaps, paid links, HTTP headers, image alt tag checker, if modified since, SEO issues, social mentions and much more). Here is a complete list of 15 currently available free Varvy tools:

  1. SEO Overview tools
  2. Pagespeed Optimization
  3. Mobile SEO
  4. Gzip compression test
  5. Link report / nofollow tool
  6. Page requests tool
  7. Javascript usage tool
  8. CSS delivery tool
  9. Social media count tool
  10. Base64 image encoder
  11. Bread crumb tool
  12. Address schema tool
  13. Ask Google tool
  14. Redirect mapper tool
  15. Varvy SEO tool

Additionally, Varvy provides easily digestible guides on each step to having a Google friendly site. For instance, here is the list of knowledge pieces and recommendations that you’ll find on the main page:

  1. Be clearly better
  2. Make pages for users
  3. Optimize for speed
  4. Mobile / multi-device
  5. Titles and alt tags
  6. Clear hierarchy & text links
  7. Default visible content
  8. Give users a map
  9. Don’t block resources
  10. The robots.txt file
  11. Paid links and Ads
  12. Add value to affiliate pages
  13. Block unuseful pages
  14. Avoid Auto generated pages
  15. Avoid link schemes
  16. Don’t try to trick Google
  17. Don’t cloak
  18. Avoid sneaky redirects
  19. Don’t use hidden text or links
  20. Avoid doorway pages
  21. Don’t use scraped content
  22. Session IDs and tracking
  23. Choose words wisely
  24. Don’t abuse rich snippets
  25. Use the right amount of links
  26. Don’t deceive users
  27. Text links are more reliable
  28. Broken links and correct HTML
  29. Dynamic pages
  30. Don’t add badware to pages
  31. Support if modified since
  32. Don’t keyword stuff your pages
  33. Submit content to Google
  34. Googlebot guide
  35. rel=”nofollow”
  36. What does rel= mean?

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