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Moz Local: Get your business local citations across multiple directories and manage your local SEO

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Moz Local is one of the best local SEO tools around and is a perfect point to start with your local citations – especially if your budget is limited. Go for it if you want to show up and move forward on your local search market. Moz local citation service offers a simple 3-step process to get your business listed across multiple local directories:

  1. Fill in all your location data that will be posted to the local directories (download and fill a .csv template – this is the most time consuming part)
  2. Upload the ready .CSV file back to Moz Local
  3. Moz Local will push your listings to all the major data aggregators, so that the search engines and potential customers can find your location information.

After submission, you can view rankings, reviews and traffic data, see performance for all or a subset of locations, monitor listing’s status, update listings, close duplicate listings, track the impact on search engine results over time and more.

Moz Local allows you to ensure your local business has a solid, correct and consistent online representation and people can discover your business online. The tool is a bit labour intensive, but it’s inexpensive and of a decent quality. Choose Moz Local if your budget is low and your local SEO tasks are not too ambitious – for instance, you don’t have thousands of incorrect online listings that you need to change. To pull out the big guns, people usually use Yext or similar platforms.

Moz Local charges $84/year per 1 location (but is free for any subscribers of Moz Pro). That’s a very fair price for professional local business marketing.