Outreach.io: Outreach.io is an outreach and engagement platform for your sales team, and simple emailing and calling

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Outreach.io a sales communication and outreach automation platform, that enhances your existing workflows in Salesforce and your Inbox to make you faster and more effective. It empowers sales development guys, account executives, and success managers with the workflows to be more effective and efficient.

Outreach provides communication workflows for calling, emailing, LinkedIn messages, and more, on top of Salesforce and their inboxes. Targeted to midsize and enterprise organizations, the platform helps sales teams engage their prospects more effectively with simple and scalable workflows.

Outreach provides sales operations with a single platform that can be governed, measured, and kept in perfect sync with their Salesforce instance through the industry’s best bi-directional data sync on any object the organization needs.

By speeding up the communication workflow, Outreach adds velocity to the outbound process and helps teams get more efficient with their existing pipeline. From Outreach you can expect a significant increase in the breadth of your outbound communication and higher close rates.

Outreach is a sales automation tool for SMB and enterprise organizations, which allows users to triple the number of leads they convert to appointments. Outreach enables users to design a series of touch points which prospects will receive until the prospect replies, combining automatically sent emails with manual steps (such as calls and personalized emails). Users are able to determine the spacing between touch points, delivery times, and A/B test on the fly.

Outreach empowers sales teams to automate and optimize their sales cadence for cold outbound, web inbound, MQL appointment setting, and more – helping them close more deals. Outreach analytics allows sales teams to continuously monitor and improve their inbound and outbound sales operations and reduce the time to close.