JustReachOut: Forget PR firms, find and pitch relevant
journalists daily all on your own

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Justreachout is a PR and outreach platform, that allows you to do PR yourself, without hiring a PR firm or pro. Discover relevant journalists & bloggers, reach out to them and get relevant publications. This is the easiest low-cost way for startups and individuals to find and pitch relevant reporters based on the best fit for the topic. You can find the right reporters to pitch by searching keywords, competitors, niches, publications and more.

How Justreachout works:

  1. Type in a general keyword that describes your startup or blog best and hit search
  2. See a list showing the article title, the date it was written, publication, and sometimes the name of the reporter
  3. Scan through the search results to see which article titles are relevant to what you want to pitch
  4. You can click the titles to navigate and read the articles to make sure it is relevant
  5. Compose an email with a pitch, and click the “Reach out” link
  6. JustReachOut will guide you through the process of reaching out to the reporter you want to connect with
  7. Get alerts in your inbox in real time, receive email notifications about new journalists who write about your niche, industry or competitors

JustReachOut is made by Criminally Prolific, a team of growth hackers, inbound marketers, and PR hustlers.

JustReachOut pricing (packages):

  1. Monthly payment: $65/mo
  2. Annual payment: $450/yr ($37.5/mo)
  3. Monthly payment: $999/mo

All plans are free for the first 7 days.