GrepWords: An API-based sophisticated keyword tool with a great question scraper and seasonality features

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GrepWords is an API-based sophisticated keyword tool that consists of a set of tools itself, including Chrome extensions ans Excel plugins. Grep Words merged a massive up-to-date keyword database with intuitive features and industry leading lookup to bring one of the best keyword research tools on the market at a reasonable price.

Grep Words has many cool feaures (that are actually fully-fledged tools themselves) at offer. An excellent Question Finder Tool (the crown jewel of GrepWords) is great for finding content opportunities. The Divergent Trend Tool shows what time of the year certain keywords tend to spike. For instance, which gift card keywords tend to perk up around Christmas or Halloween keywords related to “costumes”.

Many digital marketing professionals love to power other tools by Grepwords. Common example is UberGrep – using Grepwords Chrome Add-on with Ubersuggest to get keywords metrics (volume, CPC).

Features (subtools):