AccuRanker: Automatically track keywords and monitor your competitors in Google and Bing

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AccuRanker is a fast and accurate keyword tracking tool. It automates the process of constant looking up how the keywords rank, reducing amount of time spent on monitoring. Just give it your domains’ base URL and all sub-pages that rank for your keywords will also be tracked. It also does a perfect job on monitoring competitors. The tool is very clean and simple, offers handy report and teamwork features and provides great support.

This keyword tracker offers a rare level of geographic presicion: you can get highly localized results (not only country-, but also city-specific).

AccuRanker integrates with Google Analytics and Search Console you can import data from. It also monitors Google+ profiles, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social networks. Social media metrics highlights are great for the clients to show how your work benefits them not only in terms of SEO, but even beyond.