Wincher: A freemium online Google rank tracker and a SERP competition tool. Very cheap and simple

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Wincher is a super easy and super cheap search engine rank tracker (even cheaper and easier than Serpfox). This SERP tool is great for anyone with tight budget, especially bloggers and newbies.
The main functionality allows to monitor keyword rankings (your own and competitor’s), group and filter keywords, download data in CSV or PDF, and get scheduled reports by email. All these features are allocated on just 2 pages: Dashboard and Reporting.

Dashboard page sections:

  1. Your total, best, worst keywords for the given period
  2. An easy to read graph of all your keywords. You can filter them with a drop down menu or by clicking keywords below the graph that you want to hide from it. Leave only the keywords you want to see to avoid clutter. You can also zoom the graph, email it, or download in CSV, simple CSV or PDF.
  3. A sortable list of all your keywords with Ranking Path, Position, Change and Searches data. Here you can add keywords by one or bulk importing from a file, and group KWs.
  4. Set alerts to share via social networks
  5. Add competitors to monitor

Reporting page: just customize frequency, keywords, content options, order, logo, and you are set.

Wincher also has 3 official plugins, that add the Wincher dashboard to your sites):

  1. Wincher rank tracker plugin for WordPress
  2. Wincher rank tracker plugin for Shopify
  3. Google Rank Tracker plugin for Weebly