SpyFu: Expose the secret sucess formula of your competitors!

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SpyFu’s keyword competition feature is among the best ones on the market. The tool allows to see any domain’s positions in Google: every keyword the domain bought on AdWords, organic rank and ad variation in the last 9 years. Pretty cool, right?

The “Keyword Kombat” feature uncovers keywords that your competitor’s rank for. It is designed like a battle (well, Mortal Kombat comes to mind :)) between 3 domains – your one and 2 of your competitors. As a result you’ll have an idea about how to override all of them and opportunity to fix your weaknesses.

SpyFu also has a ton of SEO-focused features and allows you to easily connect with site owners by finding contacts – social media, email, phone, address – you can’t find anywhere else.

Features and use cases: