SerpIQ: A paid keyword ranking and discovery tool with competition index, CPC and volume data

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SerpIQ is a keyword competition analysis and SEO tool. It evaluates websites compared to the competition of the first page of Google (top 10 results) and give you the pieces of puzzle your site is missing.

SerpIQ’s “Competition Analyzer” feature measures how competitive a keyword is to rank for (scored between 1-100) and shows you the list of competitor’s keywords with CPC, search volume and CI data.

SerpIQ’s CI (competition index) is designed to give a quick snapshot of the average difficulty of a SERP (search engine rankings page). The score is calculated based on a number of metrics, mainly: domain age, page speed, social factors, on page seo, backlink amount and quality, PageRank.

The terms SerpIQ gives are not similar to what other KW research tools spit out, and the way it shows keyword metrics combined with filters provided are pretty handy.