SEOprofiler: A full featured backlink checker and SEO combiner

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Google, Bing, Yahoo

SEOprofiler is a web based SEO platform helping to take your rankings to the next level. One of the features it offers is a link disinfection tool for getting rid of bad links. Prices start from $50/mo.

Tools and features:

  1. Rank Monitor – monitor your rankings across Google, Yahoo, Bing
  2. Ranking Intelligence – spy on competitors Google ranks
  3. AdWords Intelligence – spy on competitors AdWords campaigns
  4. Website Audit – a technical overview to enhance your pages
  5. Link Analysis – optimize your backlink profile
  6. Link Building – perform high quality link building
  7. Keyword Research – build a keyword base for your site
  8. Social Media – social monitor to protect your online reputation
  9. White Label Reports – impress your clients with great reports
  10. Team Work – add stuff members to projects and customize permissions