Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach: A multipurpose outreach and online marketing tool. Quickly find and reach out to thousands of influencers!

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If you’re doing content marketing, blogger outreach, lead generation or other online marketing that requires prospecting and reaching out, Ninja Outreach will make your life a lot simplier/ And quadruple your traffic!

Just search for influential contacts and work with them inside Ninja Outreach. It will show you a lot of data, which is all sortable and filterable. You can do social prospecting, add bloggers to a list, share it with team members, export data and dive into relationships with each prospect when necessary. For each contact, you can add tags, assign relationship stage, add notes and send emails.

Or you can upload your own list to start an email outreach campaign, using templates that will be automatically populated with data.

Features and use cases: