Nibbler: A free website review tool and a technical SEO checker

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Nibbler tool by Silktide is a website checker that tests your website’s technical SEO and provides actionable advice. It is quick and simple – just pop your URL and see the report with a general score out of 10 and scores in 4 other sections:

  1. Overall – general score for the website
  2. Accessibility – to mobile and disabled users
  3. Experience – user satisfaction
  4. Marketing – how popular the website is
  5. Technology – technical quality of the website

Aim to achieve a score of 8.0 and above.

Nibbler’s free version tests 5 sample pages of your website, to check more and get more in-depth report you’ll need to go Pro.

The complete list of website parameters that Nibbler rates:

  1. Facebook page
  2. Google+ page
  3. Twitter
  4. Printability
  5. Domain age
  6. Incoming links
  7. Code quality (HTML5 and W3C compliance)
  8. Amount of content
  9. Popularity (Alexa rank)
  10. Server behavior (404 page, compression)
  11. Meta tags
  12. Internal links
  13. Mobile (look on smartphones and tablets, optimization)
  14. Analytics
  15. Page titles
  16. Headings
  17. Images size
  18. URL format
  19. Freshness (last updated)
  20. Social interest