Moz keyword difficulty tool

Moz keyword difficulty tool: A keyword research and SERP analysis tool, one of Moz Pro tools

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Moz KW difficulty tool makes clear how difficult it is to rank for a specific term, who you’ll be competing against, and what are your chances. The tool answers questions “Can I beat the competition? How? What should I do to outrank my competitors?” and gives an idea how to get ranked.

Type in the keyword and see the keyword difficulty and Google search volume. Then scroll down to the SERP analysis tool that shows core metrics helping to figure out exactly for what reasons your competitors are ranking the way they are. Then you may want to run deeper analysis – a full SERP analysis report. Hit “Run a Full Analysis Report” button and add your domain to see the difference between your metrics and what’s currently ranking. A full SERP report shows extended metrics like Page Authority (PA), mozRank, mozTrust, Overview, URL link metrics, URL links counts, On-Page, Domain name KW match, Exact match anchor text links, Partial match anchor text links, Domain-wide metrics, domain-wide link counts, Social metrics.

People are often asking a “Moz vs SEMRush” question. The answer is actually Moz + SEMRush. Once you get your keywords with SEMRush, you need to know their difficulty and estimate your chances to rank for them. A lot of people build a lot of content that doesn’t have a chance to rank. You want to avoid this mistake and save you resources. That’s why Moz keyword difficulty tool is a valuable supplement to SEMRush. If you want to rank for some word, Moz KW tool will give you an idea what to do to get there.