Keys4Up: An uncommon free LSI keyword research and suggestion tool

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Adding LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords is a sure way to boost your search engine rankings. Keys4Up finds you relevant semantic LSI terms to do so. It answers the question “what LSI words should I add to my content and how much of them?”. The cool thing about Keys4Up is that (unlike most keyword suggestion tools) it actually understands the meaning of the keyword and gives relevant keyword suggestions without a repeat.

As a result Keys4Up will give you 3 lists with 1-word, 2-words and 3+ words suggestions. You can switch the lists, select keywords you like in each, and export them in a .csv file.

Cool feature: each keyword comes with an index that tells you how many times you should repeat this word in your content. It’s important to keet the suggested ratio for all words. For instance, if the index for the “keyword” is 7 times and for the “search” is 6, and you want to repeat “keyword” 14 times, then repeat “search” 12 times, keeping a similar ratio. Thhis way the search engines will understand better what your content is about and rank you higher.