FAQfox: A free easy question scraper

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FAQfox is an excellent question scraper tool. After giving it your keyword you can add websites you want it to scrape. Very cool when you want to know some particular website’s audience interests. FAQfox was sold to WebpageFX (an internet marketing and SEO company) in the end of 2015, so currently you can see the company’s name at the top of the FAQfox’s page.

How to use FAQfox:

  1. Enter your keyword
  2. In the second box enter websites to scrape the data from (each on a separate line). Pick a category of starter sites to search (optional)
  3. Hit the “Start Searching” button
  4. See the list of results below the button
  5. Click “Download Results”

If you chose a particular category, FAQfox will search quesions only relevant for this category. Like scrape reddit.com using marketing filter will give you questions from marketing-related subreddits, plus a few popular marketing forums. Then you can click the results links to check out full questions.