Diffbot: An Artificial Intelligence web crawling platform

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Diffbot is an AI startup that provides knowledge as a service to power intelligent applications. It is aiming to convert the existing web into the world’s largest database of structured data and offers a set of APIs that enable developers to easily use web data in their own applications.

Why do you see Diffbot in the SEO tools stash? Because professional SEO, digital marketing, SMM and growth hacking, are heavily (and increasingly) based on data. Diffbot is not a SEO platform, but it is one of the best modern platforms for web scraping, data mining and data extraction. So I’m pretty sure you shoud know about it.

Diffbot’s products:

  1. Crawly – a mini-app by Diffbot
  2. Crawlbot – smart spidering and bulk processing
  3. Automatic APIs – automatic data extraction based on AI technology
  4. Custom APIs – correct APIs and create your own custom APIs

Diffbot features (including technical ones):