Buzzstream: Conduct an organized, personalized, quick and effective email outreach. Eliminate 90% of manual work and forget excel spreadsheets. Build Buzz, get links!

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Buzzstream is a must have tool to conduct outreach campaigns at scale, especially in teams. It sets an exceptionally productive environment for building contact lists and processing massive personalized email outreach campaigns. With Buzzstream you can focus on important things like personalization and building relationships instead of technical details of putting together your database.

Build lists, filter them and start reaching influencers with email templates, automatically filled with correct information, personalizing them on the go. Conduct efficient outreach without loosing a personalized approach and get more buzz and more links quickly!


Everythig is at your fingertips to conduct quick, effective and personalized email outreach. Eliminate 90% of manual work and forget drawning in excel spreadsheets.


  1. You want to collect a database of potential opportunities for guest posting and reach out to the authors
  2. You are need to promote your product among top influencers in your field quickly
  3. You work in a team on any task related to collecting contacts to conduct personalized outreach