AuthoritySpy: Find and analyze influential people and blogs in your space! (across multiple sources)

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AuthoritySpy will help you to discovver top influencers in your space. It is a smart way to find right channels for influencer marketing to talk talk to potential customers through their influencers. AuthoritySpy allows to search influencers across multiple sources like AllTop, Twitter, Google blogs, Facebook, Followerwon, Klout, and many other.


  1. You are a blogger and want to find influencers who can help you to increase your reach
  2. You are a blogger or a brand and are looking for top notch guest posting opportunities
  3. You want to find key market experts to build relationships with
  4. You want to promote your product via influencers and let them spread the word
  5. You are in PR and want to connect with journalists or key experts that cover a certain topic area
  6. You want to learn about the content strategy of the key pleyers in your theme on the web